Coco Coir Block

  • All-natural, soilless media
  • 100% renewable
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Porous for optimal root development
  • Compressed for easy handling 
  • Expands to ~18 gallons of ready to use, loose coir
  • Optimal PH between 6.0-6.5
  • Low EC and Low salt content
  • Does not require washing

Directions for Use:

  • Place on the ground, in a large container, or in a wheelbarrow 
  • Add 9 gallons of water and wait 15 minutes. 
  • Mix with hands, shovel as needed

Made in Sri Lanka

Coco coir comes from the outer husk of the coconut. These husks are ground to make a soil-like growing medium excellent for many gardening applications. Our coconuts come from the prized growing region of Northern Sri Lanka’s “Coco Belt.”  Coconuts from this region produce coir with stronger fibers than those in other countries leading to a more stable growing media. Naturally low in salt, this coir requires no extra washing and is ready to add to any pot, garden, or lawn. Using coir at home or in a large greenhouse saves water for sustainable growing. Also, unlike coco peat, coco coir is renewable. Coir contributes to beautiful plants and a beautiful planet.

Weight 5 kg
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