Sakti Agro & Mission

Employee benefits

Employee Benefits

1. Free meals for all workers during shift time, prepared by local women who live in the “war widows colony”

2. Factory uniforms and safety gear provided without charge

3. Social benefit funds for staff experiencing emergency situations

4. Full insurance with retirement benefits.

5. Team building, leadership skills, and motivational programs to nurture and develop staff

6. Family programs to incorporate family members, strengthen bonds, and increase morale and motivation

Community Outreach

1. We currently work with 32 coconut growers’ co-ops, totalling 150,000 members. Members own 3 to 300 trees.

2. We enable coconut growers to earn more money through selling their coconut husks instead of discarding them.

3. We are working with the growers’ co-ops and providing 20 brush-making machines for each co-op, along with education and technical expertise. This allows us to offer employment to 600 more people.

4. Sakti Agro donated an acre of land for a school, which has already welcomed 30 kids! In addition, we opened the doors to a women’s clinic, a small children’s library and a playground.

5. A village administrative office was constructed as a help center where the local population can freely express their unresolved problems, and we will help within our jurisdictions to resolve them.

6. Dozens of PC tablets were donated to the Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind in Jaffna where nearly 100 children were introduced to computer science through


Rebuilding Northern Sri Lankan Communities, One Coconut At A Time.

Our shared history is at the core of our commitment to conscientious farming. We don’t just abide by fair labor practices, we exceed them. We work with local associations, councils and communities to gather the raw materials, in this way supporting small farmers and their communities in order to elevate the standard of living and further enrich lives by leading the charge to revitalize the Sri Lankan coconut industry.

Sakti Agro was the first Board of Investment company to initiate a project in the north of Sri Lanka which was ravaged by war for over thirty years. Our workforce is culled from local communities affected by the war, many of our employees are disabled veterans, war widows, and former rebels, some who have known nothing but war since the age of 14, many who have suffered as political prisoners.

We are one of the only companies in the area to recognize our brothers and sisters in arms. We proudly employ an even mix of males and females–a first in Sri Lanka.

Together we are not only building a thriving community out of a war-torn country, but we are building a new way of life for its people. Schools, hospitals, and homes are being funded through Sakti Agro operations. We are turning soldiers into farmers and battlegrounds into communities.

Through these efforts and the Sakti Agro operations, we remember our history and shape the future. Providing the basis for healthier future generations in Sri Lanka and around the world.

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