Our Process

Growing strong, healthy plants, flowers, and food starts with a natural growing medium. In today’s world, environmental pollutants and toxic byproducts render even the soil unsafe in many areas of the world. Pure, premium coco peat is an eco-friendly, renewable resource that supports healthy agriculture and horticulture.

Sakti agro maintains strict quality control and exceeds standard requirements to produce premium coco peat so our customer can grow healthy products long into the future.

You might even say that our farm is located in the best place on earth to do that. With our farm and factory based in Northern Sri Lanka, we produce the only coco peat on the planet to naturally be low in iron (a natural crop irritant) and irrigated and rinsed with water from our farm’s naturally occurring, fresh water lakes and pools- leaving it untouched by salt water, a common rinsing source for some producers. Does this make it more valuable? Yes. But we don’t stop there. We maintain farming techniques culled over generations, making our coco peat and coco byproducts simply the best in the world.


The Raw Materials

Organic, hand-picked coconuts grown on our plantation and surrounding small family farms in Northern Sri Lanka, a region internationally recognized for premium, high quality coconuts. We are one of the only coco coir producers to strictly supervise raw material selection to ensure that no foreign materials are added.


Advanced Production and In-House Quality Testing

From there the coconuts are milled with state of the art machinery, using the latest production methodology developed by the Coir board of India to ensure that the highest quality standards are observed.


Throughout the process, at every stage our horticulturists and trained team of workers draw samples to check the fibre content, size, and purity of the coco peat as it is separated from the coco fibers. To ensure that our coir grow medium is free of fibers it is passed through sieves as a second phase quality control measure to eliminate the fibre content.


The pH and Electrical Conductivity (EC) is also regularly tested at different stages of composting to achieve customer requirements. We undertake both wet and dry tests for EC, and strive to maintain the ideal neutral pH balance between 5.2 and 6.8.


Triple-Rinsed with Fresh Water

Each batch is thoroughly washed and rinsed using water from the farm’s naturally occurring fresh water lakes and pools. Most producers wash the product once or twice, but at Sakti Agro we wash each batch no less than three times to ensure its purity.


Sun Dried and Securely Stored

Once it has been rinsed and buffered, it is laid out on our specially designed cement floors to dry in the sun, the way it has been done for thousands of years. While it awaits shipment it is stored in sealed rooms on cement floors to avoid insect attacks and soil contamination.

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