Laboratory Tested

Our Quality Promise

Sakti Agro is located at the epicenter of the newly developed “Coconut Belt” in Northern Sri Lanka. Here, we have complete control of the coconut from harvest to bagging, eradicating the risk of unwanted seed, pathogen, or pest contamination, and allowing our quality control experts to carefully monitor the aging process. In fact, as a result of our location, we are one of the only large-scale producers with the ability to conduct periodic visual checks of the product as it moves through the coir mill, to fresh water where it is thoroughly washed and buffered, before being laid out to dry in the sunlight, just the way it’s been done for thousands of years. We know that our extreme attention to detail and quality standards are several steps above what is required, but we do it because this isn’t just a product for us – it is our heritage, our legacy. Every step we take ensures that the fruits of our labor are premium, that our carbon footprint remains low while our ecological health stays high. Not just when it comes to the products we deliver to our customers, but in the ethical operations of our factory, the purity of our natural water sources that we use for irrigation and rinsing, the trees we grow, harvest and buffer, and the drying and storage process. Controlled quality, all the way from harvest to the final shipment. We do this not just as a producer and exporter of coco peat, but as a organization committed to uplifting and enhancing the lives of our community and our culture.
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