• Pure coir grow medium, free of bacterial contaminants, pests, and pathogens.
  • Grown on 60 acres of rare farmland in Northern Sri Lanka
  • Each delivery/export bundle comes with a lab report attached to confirm testing and the absence of harmful bacteria and fungi
  • 100% natural and free from chemical additives
  • Extended sun drying times (This makes it more difficult for pathogens to grow during shipping while at the same time reducing the weight of the bags.)
  • Quadruple washed in naturally occurring lake and fresh water pools
  • Strictly maintained water quality control
  • Fully buffered using Calcium Nitrate & Gypsum
  • Maintains neutral pH balance
  • Guaranteed effective for up to 5+ years
  • Does not require treatment prior to use
  • Fresh or Premium Composted: Aged 10-60 days (per customer requirements)


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