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We don’t just follow heritage farming methods, we helped create them.

Executive Team



As an investor and mentor to start-up and turnaround businesses, John Tastad has been building companies and creating national and international business relationships for the last twenty five years.

Specialties: With expertise in energy, technology, and manufacturing, Mr. Tastad is able to leverage his strong network of business and industry relationships both domestically and abroad.

Mr. Tastad brings the experience, vision and strategy of a hands-on entrepreneur to the table. This combined with the ability to create accountability for investors, raise private and public capital, successfully negotiate complex transactions, manage thorough due diligence processes, and create successful operating entities.



For three generations my family has farmed coconut in Northern Sri Lanka, instilling in me a passion for organic agriculture that was further honed in my role as Program Director for the Norwegian Agency for International Development in Israel and Egypt. I then went on to serve as Founder and President of San Vision Technology Inc., growing its technology and service solutions until we served more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies.

But, I wanted to parlay my expertise and advanced degrees in Agricultural Sciences to restoring productivity to my homeland.

Today, my family plantation remains one of the oldest in Northern Sri Lanka, but it has also taken on a new purpose. It serves as the base of operations for Sakti Agro, the premiere provider of natural coco peat to agribusinesses around the world. We were the first Board of Investment company to initiate a project in the war torn region of Northern Sri Lanka. Our workforce is culled from local communities affected by the war, many of our employees are disabled veterans, war widows. Through partnerships with more than 30 small, local farms we are able to not only manufacture premium coco peat, but also help revitalize this war torn community through jobs, infrastructure and support programs.

Our shared history is at the core of our commitment to conscientious farming. We don’t just abide by fair labor

Sam Tastad

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As a recent graduate from Bethel University, Sam has been pursuing his passion for international business. Sam graduated with a business degree in marketing and accounting, but is looking to further his learning by taking on a variety of responsibilities at Sakti Agro. Teaming up with JT and Janan, Sam hopes he will be able to challenge himself every day to become a successful leader and crucial part of the company. Sam is looking to help lead the company in the right direction with previous his experience in sales, accounting, team management, and marketing.


I am passionate about working in marketing and sales that, at their core, have a true purpose. Having worked on several projects such as ad campaigns, new product creation, and a complete re-branding of a local non-profit company, Sam is excited and ready to take on the challenges ahead at Sakti Agro, Strategic Capital, and more. Most importantly, he wants to make a positive impact those who are in need across the globe.