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Rebuilding Communities

REBUILDING NORTHERN SRI LANKAN COMMUNITIES, ONE COCONUT AT A TIME.   Our shared history is at the core of our commitment to conscientious farming. We don’t just abide by fair labor practices, we exceed them. We work with local associations, councils and communities to gather the raw materials, in this way supporting small farmers and their communities in order to elevate the standard of living and further enrich lives by leading the charge to revitalize the Sri Lankan coconut industry. Sakti Agro was the first Board of Investment company to initiate a project in the north of Sri Lanka which was ravaged by war for over thirty years. Our workforce is culled from local communities affected by the war, many...

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What Makes Sakti Coir The Best?

THIS IS HOW WE MAKE PREMIUM COCO PEAT The Raw Materials Organic, hand-picked coconuts grown on our plantation and surrounding small family farms in Northern Sri Lanka, a region internationally recognized for premium, high quality coconuts. We are one of the only coco coir producers to strictly supervise raw material selection to ensure that no foreign materials are added.   Advanced Production and In-House Quality Testing From there the coconuts are milled with state of the art machinery, using the latest production methodology developed by the Coir board of India to ensure that the highest quality standards are observed.   Throughout the process, at every stage our horticulturists and trained team of workers draw samples to check the fiber content,...

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What is Coconut Coir and How Do I Use it?

Coconut Coir is an all natural soilless grow media. It is an inert product with an ideal pH level and salt content for plant life to thrive. Simply put, it's the perfect dirt. Coir has a variety of uses from outdoor gardening and landscaping, to hydroponics systems. and even as reptile bedding! Some additional benefits are that its a very clean and green product. Both the production of it requires little to no carbon pollution, to the fact that it is actually very clean to use and will not get you muddy while working with it! While the coir is compressed into a block, it is ready to expand to 5-7x its size when you apply water, and it's honestly a...

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